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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) used to be THE way to get your web site found. Don’t get us wrong, Search Engine Optimization is still a very important part of any website’s success, but now there is a another medium to consider: Social Media.

Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, and YouTube are now players in the game that is “getting found” on the Internet. Your business should be a part of this, as if you are not, you are losing a potential new audience, and thus potential new sources of revenue.

Fastlane Webs can help guide you in these new worlds. We can set-up up your accounts, help with content implementation, and give you helpful suggestions along the way. These new tools are powerful and if used properly, can have an effect on your website’s performance, and thus, on your bottom line.

Fastlane Webs provides the following Internet Marketing Services:

  • Set-up Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot and YouTube accounts
  • Create a customer email list for you newsletters
  • Social Media Content Suggestions
  • Full Management of your Social Media Sites

Once your website is hosted, Fastlane Webs can help setup additional website tools to increase your search engine exposure and provides website analytics to track your internet marketing goals.

These tools include:

Google Analytics
Google Webmaster Tools
Bing Webmaster Tools

We can make you a success in the world of Social Media!

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