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Do you have questions about the services offered by Fastlane Webs. Those questions should be answered below. but in case you don't find the answer, remember you can contact us from the Contact page through the "Contact Us" box.

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  How do I start my account with Fastlane Webs?
Following four simple steps are required to get started with us.
  1. Sign up - Sign up on the Order Page of Fastlane Webs.  Remember to write down your username and password in a safe place.
  2. Receive instructions - After submitting your account, please give us some time to set up your web site. It is usually 1 business day (9am to 5pm mountain time 7 days). If your submit your application after business hour, then sites are set up the next business day. After setting up each site, we will send you an email with detail instructions on FTP, email management etc.
  3. Modify DNS - If you have already registered your domain, then you have to modify the Name Server information so that the DNS start pointing towards our name server. Most of the time, you will be able to make this change online by going to the web site of your registration service providing company. Any change in DNS needs to be propagated over the internet and this time could be from 6 hrs to 48 hrs. No-one has control on this.
  4. FTP - When DNS propagation is complete, if you type your domain on any browser, you will see your site displaying "this site is under construction ...". At this time you can upload your files by following our FTP instructions. At the same time you should be able to create your email accounts also
  5. Transfer - . If you have a site that you wish to transfer then  We will send you an email with the information to transfer your site before changing your DNS information.

    For our advanced users, our name server information is:

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  Can ODBC connections be created from the control panel?
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  Will I be able to change and update my web pages on a regular basis?
  How do I register a domain name?
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  What ASP components do you have installed?
  Do you support custom DLL's?
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